Clementine is a mobile recreation of the original Baby Steps platform designed by UW HCDE's Julie Kientz.

Our goals were to develop an approachable interface that could guide new parents through the often overwhelming process of childhood development. The challenge was to develop an interface that would be useful but also allow parents to celebrate their child’s progress and enjoy the little moments in between.

How can we help new parents
with their child’s development?

Project Type
UI/UX Design 

12 Weeks, Winter 2018

Maverick Garces
Isaac Jaeger
Piper Loyd

Audrey Desjardins
Karen Cheng



Progress Quizzes

Day One

The process began with us speaking to Julie about the intention behind Baby Steps and what we should prioritize moving forwar

Card Sorting

We hosted a design workshop where we utilized the card sorting method to gain further insight into potential app architecture. 

User Tests

Once we had a working prototype we held user tests where we observed how users navigated and made sense of different features. We took notes on pain points and what features users naturally gravitated towards. 

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