PALMA is a home décor startup that focuses on providing handmade, luxury quality homeware without the luxury markup. 

Creative Direction
Social Media Strategy 
Product Sourcing 
Product Photography

Creative direction & social media strategy for online home décor brand PALMA.

Project Type
Branding, Online Marketing

2019 - Present (Ongoing)

The Logo

This wordmark was intended to convey laidback luxury and elegance. The dramatic contrast between the thick and thin strokes of the letterforms are an ode to iconic fashion logos to reinforce the brand’s positioning as an on-trend home furnishings brand with a fashion house feel. 

The freeform line mark reflects the natural, small-batch and handmade nature of all of Palma’s products, reminiscent of the natural grains of wood or marble. 



Product Photography

Social Media Content

Created miscellaneous short-form videos, graphics, collages and behind-the-scenes content to help Palma gain traction primarily on Instagram. Account has grown to 2,203 followers in the span of 3 months. 


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